Chop N Shoot

A glimpse into Washington, DC’s nightlife with Laelo and Carolyn Malachi’s New Music Video

We have shot several music videos with Laelo in the past.  For our latest production he reached out to us to film “City Life” featuring Grammy nominated singer Carolyn Malachi.  The objective for this one was to make a video that captured the essence of nightlife in DC.   My first instinct was I didn’t want to do your typical club record.  The vibe of th song was way more like something you’d hear in a chill lounge as oppose to a turnt up night club.  We knew early on that this video would be all about settings.

The first location we needed for sure was a lounge.  We debated a couple spots in the DC area and ended filming at Peace Lounge near Howard University.  Only using a couple of lighting gels, we gave the place unique look to s spot that would’ve otherwise looked like a room with white walls.

Video Production Washington DC

Another important location for this video was Adams Morgan, along 18th Street in particular.  For those who are not familiar with the area, 18th Street is main strip and its one of DC’s main nightlife areas.  Besides that Laelo mentions the area by name in the song so we would be dumb to not include some Adams Morgan scene.

Video Production Washington DC

One thing about DC you won’t find anywhere else are Jumbo slices.  These are a staple of the local nightlife.  If you’ve been out drinking all night there’s nothing is better than a slice or two of pizza to get you right.  In DC, instead of getting 2 slices, most places serve Jumbo slices.  A word of caution, something this ridiculous and greasy is only good when you’re drunk at 2am.

Video Production Washington DC

For those from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area hopefully this video feels familiar to you.  For those who aren’t from the area, this should give a small glimpse into what the city has to offer in terms of nightlife.