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A Bit of Comedy in Lightshow’s “Let’s Talk About It” Music Video

  • January 12, 2014
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Video Production Washington DC

“Let’s Talk About It” is the first music video we shot for Lightshow even though it wasn’t the first one we released.  For this video production we called on comedian and Southeast DC native Chico Will.  It was important to us that we got someone from Southeast DC in particular to make sure the jokes and comedic timing came off as authentic.  Its a small nuanced thing but for those who have grown up in Southeast section of DC, they will definitely know the difference.  Chico played the role of “The Hater” Lightshow is taunting in this lyrics.  What would be a better way to make a music video for this song than to personify “The Hater.”  The lesson to be learned is that the simplest idea can be the best idea.

When it came to filming The Hater’s scenes everything was improved for this production.  We would feed a couple topics before camera rolled and then let him riff.  From this music video shoot we might have a good hours worth of Chico making fun of Lightshow.  All of it was funny but not everything necessarily made sense the way I wanted to in post production.  The goal of the music video was to portray a hater who at the end of the  day was truly a fan.  We made a point to use only material in the music video that had the tone of a hurt fan.  When Chico calls himself “Darkshow” and says he knows a couple songs word for word it drove home the point we wanted to make about The Hater’s true feelings.

Check out the video below and see for yourself.

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